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Fuzz Bucket is a retail yarn store housed in a vintage Airstream trailer that travels around the United States and sets up shop in public spaces.

Fuzz Bucket brings a spectacle atmosphere with it that will attract knitters and intersect with non-knitters in unexpected places. Non-knitters can learn to knit with the Fuzz Bucket community and enjoy the pure sensory experience of natural fibers. They also can discover that knitting is an accessible creative practice that satisfies a basic human need for tangibility.

The branding for Fuzz Bucket had to communicate texture and handcraft. Items that needed to be designed for aspects of the retail business include shopping bags, branded tools, and postcards that reference the traveling nature of Fuzz Bucket and allow enthusiastic customers to spread the word to their friends.

Fuzz Bucket was chosen as a finalist for the 2012 American Made Entrepreneurial Challenge organized by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.