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“Everybody’s Cooking” is an activity set that aims to involve children in preparing family meals.

The centerpiece of “Everybody’s Cooking” is the Dinner Spinner. The Dinner Spinner has a dry erase surface that allows parents to write options for the different parts of a balanced meal. Kids can use the spinner to help decide what’s for dinner. This makes them a part of the decision-making process, which has the benefit of making them more likely to eat what’s on their plates. A separate dessert spinner gives parents control over whether dessert is a daily part of the dinner or a special treat. The ability for parents to write dinner options respects that families may have different dietary requirements depending on health needs, religious beliefs, or ethical considerations.

“Everybody’s Cooking” also contains laminated recipe cards, which have separated steps for adults and children. A wide-lined list pad allow newer writers to help make the grocery list so they can understand how basic ingredients turn into their prepared meals. Magnets outline age-appropriate kitchen tasks, convenient for busy parents to suggest ways for kids to help in meal preparation.

The goal of “Everybody’s Cooking” is to turn a chore into quality family time and make it easier for families to sit down for a healthy, home-cooked meal.